Polaroid Music Launch NYC

Polaroid Music Launch NYC

Polaroid brings Music in Full Color to life with a vibrant experience in NYC.


Launch Polaroid Music in NYC with an immersive consumer event which showcases the brand’s new product collection, Polaroid Radio.


From the street to the studio, everyday moments are elevated with color when music is playing.


Music In Full Color is a creative platform centered around the interaction between color and music, and designed to build an emotional connection with the Polaroid audience. Expressed as an event, Music In Full Color invited key press, music tastemakers and Polaroid brand friends under one roof, where a series of vibrant vignettes and set builds became staging environments for new Polaroid products.


Polaroid Radio products are meant to be taken on-the-go and enjoyed in various settings. The space was built out to represent environments where Polaroid Radio products naturally fit. Vignettes bought to life a studio, a street and a record store—all places where music can invigorate any moment. Each vignette bore one of the iconic colors that make up Polaroid’s logo.

A brand experience built around the convergence of music and color.

Polaroid Music Launch NYC


MATTE Partner: Max Pollack
Experiential Creative Director: Kate Roberts
Group Client Director: Ben Rush
Client Manager: Nicole Elkins
Associate Creative Director: Ariel Panigel
Senior Designer: Lara Torrance
Senior Architect: Yan Ivnitskiy
Producer: Francesca Lasalla
Production Coordinator: Daniela Miles