Marc Jacobs SS 2024 Runway Show

Marc Jacobs SS 2024 Runway Show


Marc Jacobs


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The ContextEnergetic Return to the Runway

Taking inspiration from Marc Jacobs’ Runway 2024 aesthetic, MATTE connects the show’s creative approach to our event capture and edit. With strategic camera placements, our angles frame every look, representing the show's energy and style, while maintaining a reasonably low footprint.

The Challenge Cultivating Innovative Ideation

Through innovative curation and capture, MATTE worked to bring a new perspective to a well-known location.The task at hand was to surprise the viewer in the same way the collection does.

The ApproachA Play on Perspective

With the incredible surrealist, oversized table and chairs sculpture by Robert Therrien, we embraced the opportunity to play with scale and force a bold perspective. The audience’s chairs closely resemble the art piece, which gave us the opportunity for a big reveal: when we finally show the viewer the disproportionately large furniture.

The OutcomeCinematic Transportation Through Content

Our quick turnaround and content capture capabilities provided Marc Jacobs with imagery and video stylised to be used across channels. The edit aligns with the designer’s creative intention to exaggerate and distort the mundane and expected, including the show’s pace. We captured the doll-like and almost absurd essence of the models, shown in contrast with the sparse set, and transported viewers to give them a front row seat.

  • MATTE Partner

    Matt Rowean

  • Group Client Director

    Lennon Chuang

  • Client Manager

    Akua Kwakwa

  • Director

    Derek Fearon

  • Art Director

    Josie Florance

  • Designer

    Austin Aubry

    Isa Jaramillo

  • Photographer

    Jessica Licata

  • Producer

    Jessica Thiel

  • Production Manager

    Kristina Thiel

  • DP

    Mitch Perrin

  • Camera Op (Steadicam)

    Franz Brun

  • Camera Operator (Cam C)

    Robert Newman

  • 1st AC - Cam A

    Carey Hu

  • 1st AC - Cam B (Steadicam)

    Chris Cruz

  • 1st AC - Cam C

    David Sorasio

  • 2nd AC (Cam A+B)

    Olaa Olabi

  • 2nd AC (Cam C)

    Alyssa Junco

  • Dolly Grip

    Natalie Larowski

  • DIT

    John Kersten

  • VTR

    Nick Esposito

  • VTR Assist

    Ryan Shaw

  • PA/Driver

    Will Morillo

    Jose Rodriguez

  • PA/Set

    Zulema Calixo

  • Post Production Services By

    FINISH Post

  • Director of Post Production

    Michael Czeizinger

  • Post Production Supervisor

    Daniel Byrne

  • Post Production Manager

    Caroline Fortuna

  • Video Editor

    Maxime Quoilin

    Stephen Gemmiti

  • Color

    Nick Lareau

  • Tech Producer

    Jeremy Carrasco

  • Coordinating Producer

    Molly Greenstone

  • Director

    Nick Micozzi

  • Tech Manager

    Elias Alba

  • Vertical TD

    Andre Augustin

  • Tech Director

    Conner Thompson

  • Key Utility

    Ramsey Alkaysi

  • Utility

    Scott York

    John Rollman

  • Platform Engineer

    Nicole Pfeiffer

  • Encoding Engineer

    Trevor Bosar

  • PA

    Rocio Hernandez

    Jake Huff

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