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At the intersection of entertainment and advertising. MATTE is a brand of 10 years—serving its own audience whilst offering multidisciplinary strategic, creative, and production services for brands and artists, and exposing the opportunities in between.

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World Building

At MATTE Projects, we see brands as immersive worlds. Each brand we create is a full sensory experience, blending art, music, and design to reflect its community's values and aspirations. We handle everything from brand strategy and design systems to content and community engagement, crafting a brand world people want to join.


Creating experiences that make people feel something is our bread and butter. At MATTE, we bring elements of entertainment to craft experiential moments that people seek out and cherish.

Talent Direct

Talent Direct connects brands with top-tier talent effortlessly. We manage scouting, negotiations, and logistics, ensuring every collaboration shines. Trust our expertise to find the perfect match and deliver standout results.

Branded Design

Where creativity meets strategy. We craft compelling visuals and narratives that elevate your brand, blending design and storytelling to captivate audiences and drive engagement.

Content Studio

Where creativity meets efficiency. We produce high-quality content quickly and effectively, adaptable to any media. Our compelling visuals and narratives tell your brand's story across platforms.

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At MATTE, our diverse client portfolio spans various industries, enabling us to approach each project uniquely. Working across diverse industries provides us with cross-industry insights, allowing us to create impactful work that influences culture and identify unique partnership opportunities. Our portfolio showcases our adaptability and expertise across multiple sectors, broadening growth opportunities and highlighting our agility in dynamic and evolving markets.

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MATTE moves people to make culture, together