Cartier at the Met Gala with VOGUE

Cartier at the Met Gala with VOGUE




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The ContextCartier Takes The Met Gala

VOGUE called upon MATTE to elevate its coverage of this year’s Met Gala, in partnership with acclaimed photographer Campbell Addy. The collaboration promised to merge VOGUE's renowned editorial flair with MATTE's technical acumen, ensuring a visually stunning portrayal of Met Gala guests (including Donald Glover, Jon Batiste and Sofia Coppola) and their partnership with luxury brand Cartier.

The Challenge Forging Campbell Addy’s Vision

Set against the backdrop of New York City, the project aimed to meld the raw energy of NYC while honoring Cartier’s sophistication. MATTE took on the task of not only providing top-tier production and post-production services, but also harmonizing the creative visions of Campbell Addy, VOGUE's creative teams, and Cartier's aesthetic preferences. Additionally, the MATTE team had to navigate the logistical complexities of shooting at The Carlyle, ensuring the venue served as the perfect environment to capture the essence of both the event and the brand.

The ApproachCartier’s NY State of Mind

MATTE collaborated closely with Campbell Addy and VOGUE to craft a narrative which honored Cartier's sophistication, and the prestige associated with the Met Gala. The combination of technical know-how and fluency in multiple creative disciplines ensured a seamless journey from idea to reality.

The OutcomeCartier at the Carlyle

The collaborative efforts between VOGUE, MATTE and Campbell Addy resulted in a captivating portrayal of the Met Gala, enhanced by Cartier. Meticulous attention to detail and creative synergy translated a collective vision into a stunning visual narrative.

  • Group Client Director

    Lennon Chuang

  • Client Manager

    Antonia Singer

  • Senior Director of Production

    River Myers

  • Director of Production

    Spencer Thompson

  • Senior Producer

    Seana Bruff

  • Production Manager

    Lucy Rennick

  • 1st AD

    Dan Henson

  • DP

    Philey Sanneh

  • Steadicam

    Austin Castelo

  • A Cam 1st AC

    Cameron Sizemore

  • B Cam 1st AC

    Carey Hu

  • 2nd AC

    Christina Carmody

  • Gaffer

    David Ospina

  • Key Grip

    Rob Smith

  • BBE

    John Guillen

  • BBG

    Justin Wilson

  • Swing

    Eric Lin

  • Production Designer

    Ibby Njoya

  • Art Assist

    Brian Lee

    Tyler Mariano

    Chandri Amira Dhanoa

  • Photographer / Director

    Campbell Addy

  • 1st Assist

    Stephen Wordie

  • 2nd Asisst

    Alex Kalb

    Marion Grand

    Tom Maltbie

    Johnny De Guzman

  • Digitech

    Atarah Atkinson

  • On site Retoucher

    Alexandra Rubinstein

    Will Kelly

    Rose P

  • Movement Director


  • PA

    Darrien Hess

    Lillian Vargyas

    Ainsley Samuda

    Owen Palmer

  • Post Production Services

    Finish Post

  • Senior Director of Post Production

    Michael Czeizinger

  • Post Production Manager

    Caroline Fortuna

  • Post Supervisor

    Daniel Byrne

  • Video Editor

    Stephen Gemmiti

    Maxime Quoilin

    Jared Bordeaux

    Adisa Duke

  • Teaser Color

    Beatrice Tremblay

  • Talent

    Demi Moore

    Donald Glover

    Elle Fanning

    Dwayne Wade

    Emma Chamberlain

    Eiza Gonzalez

    Jessica Biel

    Sebastian Stan

    Sofia Coppola

    Jon Batiste

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