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The ContextBose Launches Sound is Power

Bose and MATTE’s multi-campaign partnership is grounded in the desire to explore and express what it means to say: Sound Is Power. We worked with a number of best-in-class athletes and talent to bring the campaign to life including Joe Burrow, Kid Cudi, Dame Lillard and Coco Gauff. These works highlighted how the product benefits help inspire excellence that breaks through the everyday

The Challenge Bose Product Launch Film with Joe Burrow and Kid Cudi

MATTE developed a series of campaigns that highlights the transformative power of sound in both sports and music realms, ultimately driving brand and cultural relevance, while amplifying purchase intent for the new product. Narrative short films emphasized the connection between sport and music performance, seamlessly broken into digestible and visually stimulating short-form vignettes for social output. Through high-performance audio products, the campaigns underscore how Bose's cutting-edge technology optimizes Gauff, Burrow, and Cudi’s performance to emphasize Bose's commitment to technological innovation.

The ApproachSound is Power and Music’s Impact on Growth

Each film delves into the subject’s specific relationship with music: whether that’s a lifetime fandom turned to friendship in the case of Joe Burrow, or a way of finding rhythm to power through difficult moments for Coco Gauff. Each piece situates Bose’s talent in vignettes that represent their natural habitats, gently accentuating the specific role of music as empowerment in those specific settings. This creative approach has produced a series of films that are distinct, yet uniform enough that they are clearly recognizable as part of a larger project, each adding a new face and a new feeling to the Sound is Power campaign.

The OutcomeMultichannel Campaign for #SOUNDISPOWER

The Burrow x Cudi 22’ campaign won three Telly Awards, and was featured across channels. The 23’ Coco Gauff campaign launched immediately before the US Open, christening her meteoric performance. Both the Burrow 23’ and Lillard 23’ films were selected for broadcast, to unveil the new QuietComfort Ultra headphones and released strategically at the beginning of the NFL and NBA seasons.

  • Matte Partner

    Max Pollack

  • Head Of Strategy

    Zachary Sniderman

  • Junior Strategist

    Aisha Williams

  • Group Client Director

    Ben Rush

  • Director

    Danny Yirgou

  • Creative Director

    Ariel Panigel

  • Art Director

    Nikki Mirsaeid

  • Designer

    Nick Wilson

  • Head Of Production

    River Myers

  • Head of Post-Production

    Josh Rappaport

  • Director of Post-Production

    Michael Czerzinger

  • Producer

    Jeff Broadway

  • Director of Photography

    Patrick Golan

  • First Assistant Director

    Kenton Cummings

  • Lead Editor

    Armen Harootun

  • Co-Editor

    Ben Swanson

  • Sound Design & Final Mix

    Raphael Ajuelos

  • Additional Sound Mix

    Miles Felix

  • Color

    Joseph Bicknell

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