Bose with Joe Burrow Campaign

Bose with Joe Burrow Campaign




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The ContextPushing a Brand’s Boundaries

Bose enlisted MATTE’s creative perspective to amplify the release of their QC Ultra Headphones with a hero film that celebrated the personality of Bengal’s QB Joe Burrow.

The Challenge Finding Power Under Pressure

Joe Burrow’s reputation extends far beyond the endzone; his robust personality and sense of style, rooted in his love for music, have helped him accrue a following that stretches beyond football and into popular culture writ-large. Joe’s personality is the source of his power, resilience and clutch.

Music allows Joe to take who he is and plug it into how he plays. Though the pressures of the game are enormous, Bose creates products that create whole worlds of sound that can bolster Joe's confidence. Our concept celebrates Immersive audio in The QuietComfort Ultra’s ability, which allows Joe to retreat into himself, to his power source, with sound.

The ApproachNarrative: Personality Prevails

The film opens with Joe en route to the opening night of his ‘22-’23 season. A football Talk Show plays in the background; its hosts outline the pressure Joe is under. Unperturbed by the noise, Joe dons his QuietComfort Ultra headphones and disappears into his own world, blocking out the noise with Quavo & Takeoff's Hotel Lobby and a fashion montage, as he mentally picks through his wardrobe to decide what to wear to the game later. The film ends with Joe coming back to reality, visibly calm and confident, with a pair of shades he borrowed from the other side.

The OutcomeDefinition in the Details

Exploring the juxtaposition of external pressure and internal calm, the hero film situates the Bose QuietComfort Ultras at the center of performance and self-expression. Playing with typical visual mechanics of sport, the viewer experience is at once intense, playful, and personal, building anticipation and intrigue around both the headphone release and Burrow’s upcoming season.

Production leveraged three unique lighting builds to foster distinction between each Joe Mode and the three distinct wardrobe options; Joe's looks were essential to the piece, the foremost vehicle for expressing his individuality and flair and the centerpoint of the action. Each look was inspired by the brands he loves and the looks he's become famous for.

The edit features VFX, which mimics Joe's energy and flair and accentuates his variable personality with animations to bolster transitions. Sound obfuscation and design brings viewers into the world sonically: most notably staticky radio personalities and the signature dimming effect of Bose noise cancellation.

  • MATTE Partner

    Max Pollack

  • Vice President, Client Services

    Ben Rush

  • Head of Strategy

    Zachary Sniderman

  • Head of Production

    River Myers

  • Head of Post Production

    Josh Rappaport

  • Client Manager

    Nicole Elkins

  • Junior Strategist

    Aisha Williams

  • Creative Director

    Ariel Panigel

  • Art Director & BTS Photography

    Lewy Westhoff

  • Copywriter

    Andy Burroughs

  • Supervising Producer

    Spencer Thompson

  • Line Producer

    Glen Matheny

  • Production Manager

    Emily Seibert

  • Director of Photography

    Taylor McIntosh

  • Camera Operator

    Ryan Lewis

  • 1st AC Cam A

    Manny Rodriguez

  • 1st AC Cam B

    Michael Pelaez

  • 2nd AC Cam A

    Joe Bou

  • 2nd AC Cam B

    Emily Russo

  • Gaffer

    Michael Dickman

  • Key Grip

    Kevin Martt

  • DIT

    Eric Ransbottom

  • Wardrobe Stylist

    Meltem Ulker



  • Director of Post Production

    Michael Czeizinger

  • Post Production Coordinator

    Caroline Fortuna

  • Video Edit

    Chiao Chen

    Ben Swanson-Ralph

    Stephen Gemmiti

  • VFX

    RFX Media

  • Color

    Kath Raisch

    Alexia Salingaros

  • Voiceover Artist

    Damon Webb

    Michael Kaplan

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