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The ContextKith Creative Partnership

For more than four years, Kith and MATTE have been a collaborative creative ecosystem, where ideas and inspiration flow seamlessly to and fro. The resulting films have become the ballast for Kith’s complex brand, anchoring them to the various elements of their business that make them so unique in the industry.

The Challenge 360 Content Campaigns

Together, Kith and MATTE developed a new approach to video that went beyond product, creating short films that explored the imagined worlds and inspiration for some of its most important collaborations and projects. The overarching goal when this relationship kicked off was to integrate Kith’s brand into a deeper cultural current than fashion alone. Each film is intentioned at visualizing the imagined worlds that exist at the heart of the brand’s inspiration and ethos.

The ApproachOriginal Storytelling

Over 20 films that focus on storytelling transformed Kith into a cultural touchpoint that extends beyond highly sought after merchandise. This new approach positioned Kith as a different kind of cultural player, both lifting the brand’s reach while increasing sales.

The films concepted and produced can be split into a few categories: brand collaborations introduced and drove hype for high profile collaborations with brands like Wilson, Asics and BMW. ‘Craft’ spotlight films honored individuals who pursue excellence across a variety of fields, from MLKJ, to Team USA. Seasonal runway films introduced new collections in advance of fashion weeks with cinematic, narrative-driven presentations that put the clothes into the context of real lives. Broader-keeled lifestyle films told stories in a wide variety of contexts, for brands like Russel Athletics, Adidas and Voyager 1, as they pertained to the brand and their target demographic.

The OutcomeDynamic Cultural Impact

Beyond sought-after product, Kith transformed into a destination for stories that touch on and shift culture. This new approach positioned Kith as a different kind of cultural player, lifting the brand’s reach while increasing sales. The release of these films gives present and future Kith customers identifiable and distinct brand touchpoints, bringing Kith out of the fashion world, into a wider cultural conversation.