Bose with Coco Gauff

Bose with Coco Gauff




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The ContextPushing Bose’s Visual Boundaries

For another installment in their Sound is Power Campaign, Bose sought a partner that could portray the vibrance, talent and tenacity of their new rising star, Coco Gauff.

The Challenge Harnessing Power Through Sound

More than a product showcase, Bose was looking for a film that captured Coco’s energy and demeanor; however, the film was intended as a digital launch for their new QCE II earbuds, so the film also needed to highlight the new product functions and benefits, but in a way that felt organic to our talent.

The ApproachThe Mind’s Game on Center Court

MATTE’s creative approach centered around the mindset of an elite player: although each match is played with an opponent, tennis is played against the self. How can a young athlete, competing at the highest level, summon the composure to play on her own terms in the biggest moments? For Coco, it’s about channeling her power to the beat of sound and dictating her own rhythm on the court. MATTE sought to bring that rhythm to center court for this Bose Campaign, highlighting how Coco and Bose amplify each other.

The OutcomeCoco’s Perfect Opponent

Our hero film isolates Coco’s power source, removing the player across the net and putting her up against herself. We find her at an impasse, struggling to locate her flow during a late night ball machine session in an empty stadium. When she’s out of sync with her game, we see Coco turn to music, which powers her to stay on beat. Production leveraged lighting design and dynamic camera moves to create gravity and intensity. The piece explores the diegetic sounds of the location: the incessant whirring of the ball machine, squeaking sneakers on hard court, the hollow clap of ball on strings echoed around an empty stadium. Once Coco puts in the QCEII’s, sound design matches Coco’s movements on court to the snapping snares on Lil Uzi Vert’s hit track, “I Just Wanna Rock,” emphasizing the game-changing importance of quality audio to Coco’s game.

  • MATTE Partner

    Max Pollack

  • Head of Strategy

    Zachary Sniderman

  • Head of Production

    River Myers

  • Supervising Producer

    Spencer Thompson

  • Head of Post-Production

    Josh Rappaport

  • Director of Post-Production

    Michael Czeizinger

  • VP, Client Services

    Ben Rush

  • Music Supervision & Clearance

    Eugene Young

  • Client Manager

    Nicole Elkins

  • Junior Strategist

    Aisha Williams

  • Creative Director

    Ariel Panigel

  • Art Director

    Lewy Westhoff

  • Senior Designer

    Lara Torrance

  • Copywriter

    Andy Burroughs

  • Senior Designer

    Caleb Ekeroth

  • Director

    Jess Colquhoun

  • Director of Photography

    Zoe Simone-Yi

  • Supervising Producer

    Spencer Thompson

  • Line Producer

    Maria Fernandez

  • Production Manager

    Bianca Fernandez

  • 1st AD

    Adrian Rozas Cristino

  • Steadicam Operator

    Joe Sanchez

  • Gaffer

    Nicolas "Chachito" Donadio

  • Key Grip

    Nelson Sanchez

  • BTS Content

    Ana Karyna Arrieche