Netflix x Rebel Moon EP Launch Campaign


Netflix partnered with MATTE to develop a comprehensive launch campaign for Zack Snyder’s latest IP, Rebel Moon. The campaign seamlessly spanned across social media, digital platforms, and a large scale experiential event, inviting millions to immerse themselves in the conceptual EP, Songs of the Rebellion.





Creating a sonic universe for music enthusiasts and fans of the “Rebel Moon” franchise

Jessie Reyez

Artist Portraits Reimagined

By morphing the star musicians and actors into their film characters, MATTE developed hero portraits that present talent within dramatic landscapes— each inspired by Rebel Moon's visual identity. Rolling out across each musician’s owned social channels, the hero portraits explore core narrative themes from the film: Awakening, Resilience, Transformation, Redemption, and Harmony.

We started with a blank canvas and built these portraits from the ground up, taking inspiration from key story lines in the movie and the worlds within, to create unique environments bespoke to accompany each musician and their track on the EP


Key Art and Visual Identity

The vast visual landscape of the ‘Rebel Moon Part 2 : The Scargiver’ world unearthed a plethora of possibilities for MATTE and Netflix to develop a launch campaign that reflects the avant-garde landscapes and symbolism found throughout the film. The key art took many direct cues from the world of the film, while also bringing in new elements and a distinct visual language, allowing the campaign to feel at the same time both intrinsically tied to the film and visually unique.

Key Art

Process Visuals

Taking inspiration from the scenes and sounds of the film, MATTE created a cutting edge audiovisual world through immersive technology, futuristic planetary and laser elements, and ambient lighting schemes which bring fans into a universe vastly different from ours.

‎‎‎‎‎ ‎


Jalo! Music Video

Collaborating with director duo 91 Rules, Netflix, Rebel Moon filmmakers, and musicians Tokischa & Tainy, we expanded the narrative of the Bloodaxe family into a music video. The story of Devra & Darrian Bloodaxe was intricately woven into the story, incorporating easter eggs from the film and VFX to connect the film's world with ours— set to Tainy & Tokischa’s track “JALO!”

‘JALO!’ IS A resounding yes to the unknown. No matter the circumstance. No matter the struggle. No matter the outcome



Crafting a landscape rich with Rebel Moon set pieces, enemy Imperium cargo, and Rebel firearms, our all star production team seamlessly integrated the world of the Bloodaxes into a few key practical set environments. Here, Devra and Darrian Bloodaxe, portrayed by Tokischa and Tainy, were depicted being pursued by enemy Imperium drones, brought to life by our VFX partners, Actual Objects.


Rebel Moon: Part Two - The Scargiver Release Party

MATTE produced a launch party at Brooklyn's Knockdown Center, immersing guests in the film's cinematic universe with musical performance from EP artists Black Coffee, Jessie Reyez, and Tokimonsta as well as appearances from Zack Snyder and the cast of the films.

Stage Design

We brought artist sets to life in the world of Rebel Moon, with scenic elements and lighting design tailored for each artist, reflecting the essence of their respective characters' worlds from the movie. Tokimonsta was bathed in a yellow hue, evoking Daggus, the home of Nemesis. Jesse Reyez was illuminated in red, inspired by Veldt, while Black Coffee was given a monochromatic black and white scheme, accentuated with twin laser beams reminiscent of the film's spaceship cannons.

Rebel Visualizers

Utilizing Matte's internal digital content team, we created dynamic visuals that were mixed live during the musical acts. These visuals, inspired by cinematic universes, featured alien landscapes, immersive atmospheric worlds, and digital HUD interfaces, all set against a half-moon backdrop behind the DJ booth.


The Portraits of Rebel Moon

The event highlighted a gallery with large scale prints of Zack Snyder's on-set portraits, published in a photo book in collaboration with Assouline. Fans also had the chance to meet Zack Snyder to receive a signed copy.


Red Carpet Premiere

Just two weeks before the release of Rebel Moon Part 2, the film's stars graced the red carpet with appearances by Sofia Boutella, Djimon Hounsou, Ed Skrein, Staz Nair, Michiel Huisman, and others.

Immersive Set Design

To evoke the feeling of stepping onto a movie set, we crafted bespoke scenic designs and propping vignettes directly inspired by the film. These ranged from the industrial military grit to pastoral wheat displays, mirroring the aesthetic of Kora’s home planet, Veldt.

Showcasing Costume Design

Fans of the film were invited to an up close look at the costuming details with an exploratory gallery of 3d printed mannequins bearing likeness to the actors.

A beautiful show and a terrific event!


  • Chief Creative Officer

    Matt Rowean

  • Chief Client Officer

    Caren Brody

  • Executive Creative Director, Experiential

    Michael Yu

  • Executive Creative Director

    Thomas Lee

  • Vice President, Client Services

    Ben Rush

  • Client Director

    Jonny Cartagena

  • Client Supervisor

    Sara Lucas

  • Senior Strategist

    Breonna Ruffin

    Kate Koeller

  • Junior Strategist

    Aisha Williams

  • Visual Director

    Pat Dierker

  • Art Director

    Conner Needham

  • Associate Creative Director

    Caleb Ekeroth

  • Senior Experiential Designer

    Andre Brown

  • Experiential Designer

    Trinity Montgomery

  • Senior 3D Artist

    Rene Gibson

  • Head of Experiential

    Thad Somoza

  • Director of Experiential Production

    Leo Oliva

  • Experiential Production Coordinator

    Joey Daoud

    Samuel Piland

  • Senior Director of Production

    River Myers

  • Executive Producer

    Maria Fernandez

  • Event Producer

    Steven Almonte

  • Post Supervisor

    Daniel Byrne

  • Creative Fellow

    Salvo Behar


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