Hims & Hers — Let’s Talk About Sex


MATTE teamed up with telehealth platform Hims & Hers to ideate and execute the brand’s first-ever event for sexual awareness month at the Tuleste Factory in New York City.

Hims & Hers — Let’s Talk About Sex

The experience was based on “Let’s Talk About Sex: The 2022 Report”—a nationally-representative study from Hims & Hers that shares the naked truth about our sex lives. The white paper debunked nine myths about sex in America, regarding a range of topics from how much sex we’re having to the impact of social distancing on our sex lives.

In short, the results show that we are all much more sexually inquisitive than we thought, which informed how we set up the experience. Together with Hims & Hers, we brought the research to life with educational touch-points and engaging activation moments that opened up meaningful dialogue about sex.


Throughout the evening, sound and music were used as key elements of immersion. Upon entry to the event, guests were invited to enter the “Aural Sex” playground curated by Quinn, the app for audio erotica, where they could listen to a plethora of sexual stories. In the background, the tunes of drag queen DJs Violet Chachki and Gottmik served as the ultimate soundtrack for the evening.


Graphics covered the walls with figures and stats from the
white paper. A “Play Bar” sat in the center of the space,
inviting guests to engage with the brand’s toys and products.
At the far end of the room, an art installationof LED lights cycled
through a visual representation of the report’s finding that the
average American takes 14.09 minutes to orgasm.


As the hero programming for the evening, we constructed an interactive
discussion pod, where guests engaged in intimate conversations with
professional sex educators in the space: Todd Baratz and Lauryn
Bosstick (@yourdiagnonsense) and Michael Bosstick (@theskinnyconfidential).

Over 150 people—media, influencers, and more—attended the event that expertly established Hims & Hers as an authority in the sexual wellness space.

“Yeah sex is great, but have we ever learned from it?” asked Ariel Panigel, an Associate Creative Director at MATTE. “From ASMR stations to sex positive confessionals, we found pleasure in creating experiences that could educate through light-hearted, informative, and entertaining executions.”

Hims & Hers — Let’s Talk About Sex


Head of Experiential
Laetitia Sebban
Senior Client Director
Shreena Shah
Junior Client Manager
Kiara Fairbrother
Experiential Creative Director
Kate Roberts
Assistant Creative Director
Ariel Panigel
Lead Experiential Designer
Andre Brown
Senior Designer
Lara Torrance
Copy Writer
Ana DeVito
Lead Producer
Juli DiNicola
Production Coordinator
Sarah Unger
Production Assistant
Zoe Johnson