Soho Store Launch



To announce the opening of their newest and only New York City boutique, Versace looked to the city itself and it’s representative in street photography for inspiration; recontextualizing that cool New-York spirit through the lens of photographer: Ethan James Green.





Featuring Adesuwa Aighewi, Noah Brown and Jan Carlos Diaz, the campaign was situated in the streets and alleyways of SOHO, utilizing the neighborhood’s characters and archetypes as the campaign’s backdrop. All of which were captured in black-and-white
for a touch of nostalgia. 



MATTE was responsible for the full creative direction and production of the shoot.


Art Director: Pat Dieker
Account Leader: Lennon Chuang
Producer : Marcos Fecchino
Production Coordinator: Ben Gutierrez
Production Assistant: Felix Cadieu, Stefan Christopher, 
Julian Rez Masud, Jack Shippy

Photographer: Ethan James Green
Producer: Jesus Medina, Carolina Vogt
1st Assistant: Roy Beeson
2nd Assistant : Lance Charles
Digital Tech: Nick Rapaz

Stylist: Taylor McNeil
Stylist Assistant:  Kat Fau, Andy Polanco

Hairstylist: Lucas Wilson
Make up Artist: Yumi Lee
Manicure: Honey

Casting Director: Piergiorgio Del Moro
Talent #1 : Adesuwa Aighewi
Talent #2: Jan Carlos Diaz
Talent #3 Noah Louis Brown