MATTE10, An Open Letter

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This year, our home - New York City turns 400. MATTE celebrates 10. Looking forward to celebrating with you all.





This year, our home - New York City turns 400. MATTE celebrates 10.

For the last decade, MATTE has hosted hundreds of thousands of New York’s finest at our events, integrated with some of the most innovative creative minds connected to this city, and have had the privilege of collaborating directly with some of our favorite brands.

Starting in September, we’re excited to set into motion multiple projects that champion the brands, establishments, creatives & inimitable characters that make this great city home.

⸻ past, present, and future.

We’ve come to realize through the stillness of reflection that collaboration and community have always been the foundation of our creative studio. Our successes have never been singular - we don’t exist as one identity and we have never limited ourselves to doing one thing, duality is in our DNA.

It’s through the undeniable talent and taste of our collective collaborators from those early Ludlow days to the burgeoning body we’ve grown into now that we can, after all these years, say we’ve surpassed being just dreamers. We’re the makers now.

All of this to say, we wouldn’t be able to make it through the last 10 years without the dedication of our team, the artistry of our creatives, and the support from our loyal community. The next 12 months will be our biggest so far, and we truly feel energized and excited for what’s to come.

Friends, family, and aspiring creatives - get in touch to find out about how we can come together, collaborate, and in turn symbiotically support the journeys and dreams to come.

Looking forward to celebrating with you all

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