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Matte Event Recap


CMYK began as a platform for underground rave culture - the same one that’s inspired James Blake’s musical persona through the span of his career. With the intent being to showcase the music and artists that have continued to push the boundaries of electronic music, Rhonda INTL in collaboration with MATTE and James Blake have produced a dynamic playground that distills the freedom and pleasure within the genre. With the first installment being at the Public Records Sound Room in Brooklyn, New York in 2022 - the concept has travelled across coasts to Don Quixote in Los Angeles and through the Atlantic Ocean, most recently debuting at HERE in central London. Staying true to the original messaging of featuring and elevating the electronic music community, special guests Lil Yachty, Idealblackfemale, AceMo, Ragga Twins, & Erick The Architect have joined Blake on-stage delivering their own mixes while playing off the eclectic energy of the crowd. The ambitions for CMYK have only grown in its short run time, with eyes set on global activations across the world - the exploration of the sounds of the underground have only just begun

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