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Matte Event Recap



Last weekend Matte Projects - 106 years after the original, brought in Halloween in true Dadaist fashion with the triumphant return of The Blind Man’s Ball. In a Baroque building, masks, capes and flutes were flaunted against mosaic floors and humming walls. Whispers of hidden red rooms and enchanted corners sauntered through the rotunda; the night was yours to be found. An eclectic mix of dance music layered and reverberated across multiple rooms and through the halls. New York’s finest, James Murphy of the legendary LCD Soundsystem lit up the Oculus Dome with a sonic showcase for the books whilst Discolypso played their funky soul in the vaulted basement below. It was an evening of New York’s grandeur with Halloween’s blind freedom: a true masquerade rave. A magnificent feast for the senses.

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