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moments in life

Moments In Life Pt. IMoments In Life Pt. I

“There’re moments in life, when the weight of the world is on your shoulders, when you have to do it all yourself.”

“Because No one else will do it for you. No one else can do it for you.”

Moments In Life Pt. IIMoments In Life Pt. II

“There’re moments in life, when you face your fears. when you have to do it all yourself.”

“You feel truly alone, like no one’s there to catch you if you fall, or pick you back up.”

Moments In Life Pt. IIIMoments In Life Pt. III

Through a three-part anthemic video, the campaign emphasizes that during the 2021 Olympics, friendship can empower than the individual.

“There’re moments in life, when everything and everyone just disappears. Leaving just you, alone, against the world.”

“The only thing you see is the sweat in your eyes. The only thing you hear is your heart pounding.”


“So what is it that keeps you going? It’s knowing wherever it is you are, whatever it is you are doing, it’s never just you.” 

“It’s always, just us.”


Managing Partner: Max Pollack
Creative Director: Ariel Panigel

Head of Production: River Myers
Producer: Isaac LeFevre
Account Director: Lennon Chuang
Project Manager: Antonia Singer
Production Manager: Chiara Gerek
Production Consultant: Jesse Ozeri
Director: Tobias Nathan
1st AD: Matt McCann
2nd AD: Max Dalglish
Dir. of Photography: Anthony Carella
1st AC: Mason Cash
2nd AC: Oliver Peoples
Steadicam Operator: Brendan Poutier
Steadicam Operator: Tanner Carlson
Media Manager: Chiara Gerek
Gaffer: Vadim Aynbinder
Best Boy Electric: Mike Keane
Electric: JC Quiroz
Key Grip: Gabe Crawford
Best Boy Grip: Raymond Burgess
Grip: Jonah Hammond


Production Designer: Lauren Burge
Props: Tiffany Chan
Set Dresser: William Gavilondo
Set Dresser: Laila Ibrahim


Sound Mixer: Lion Thompson


HMU: Morgan Baul
Stylist: Raul Guerrero
Stylist Assistant: Sokhna Samb


Locations Manager: Ron Dabach
Asst. Locations Manager: Roberto Angel
Prod. Assistant: David Famous, Jamar Jasper, Trevor Bukowski,
Eric Stuart, Emmett Goebel


Video Editor: John Stallings
Color: Mikey Rossiter
Sound Design: Raphael Ajuelos
VFX: George Edza


Casting Director: Anthony Pichette
Runner: Thomasina Myresa Pearce
Runner: Tawny Truong
Skater: Chase Snyder
Skater: Eunice Chang
Boxer: Nano Wilkins
Father: Julian Thomas