MATTE Projects is excited to work with Solaray on its first ever marketing campaign in the nearly 50 year history of the company. Solaray will be our first foray into working in the supplements and wellness space.

“With the growing demand for reliable and environmentally conscious wellness products, now felt like the right time to amplify Solaray and its core values of quality, service, and innovation to a wider audience, and to make our products available to anyone in pursuit of optimal wellness. Collaborating with MATTE Projects felt like the best way to get our message out to the world in a wider way — and although appearing as somewhat of an unlikely partnership on the surface, it made perfect sense at its core given our shared commitment to excellence in our respective fields.”

– Michael Crooks


“The Live Brighter campaign is all about highlighting life’s most precious moments and underlining that we can best protect those moments by being the healthiest versions of ourselves. This could not have been done without the support and collaboration of MATTE Projects from start to finish — they took the time to understand the Solaray brand DNA to its very core, and conceptualize a creative treatment that was equal parts aesthetically top-notch and true to Solaray’s identity.”

– Michael Crooks

Shooting the campaign through a cinematic lens, pays tribute to the brand’s extensive heritage and adds a grand feel to the final product. Using the rare Hawk 16mm camera was an artistic choice.


Fashion fitness brands have really set the tone and redefined what consumers expect. We wanted to take this opportunity to bring the same concepts we put behind leading luxury fashion brand campaigns, and bring a unique perspective to elevate a product that is normally not seen as luxurious.

As a result of MATTE working with Solaray, sales grew from accounting for 38% of total portfolio sales to 51%



Managing Partner: Matt Rowean
Studio Operations: Jenifer Kocourek
Creative Director: Isaac Sokol
Copywriter: Olivia Fialkow
Director of Production: River Myers
Client Manager: Morgan Collins
Client Manager: Zoe Weimersheimer


Director: Isaac Sokol
Director of Photography: Taylor McIntosh
AC: Quinton Rodriguez
Steadicam Operator: Kevin Andrews
Exec Producer: Taylor Ballam
Assistant Producer: Claire King, Ciara St Johnson
Set Styling: Madison Pope
Gaffer: Tyler Woodbury
Grip: Parker Atkison
Best Boy: Nick Barney
BTS: Micah Brown
Photographer: Blake Bekken


Editor: Chiao Chen
Colorist: Elliott Powell
Sound Designer: Michael Bucuzzo


Jeremiah Jahi (The Drive/The Destination)
Avalon Leigh (The Drive/The Destination)
Mischa Estrada (A Celebration)
Veli Duvauchelle (A Celebration)
Sophia McGee (young child #1) (A Celebration)
Zoe Ihle (young child #2) (A Celebration)
Ellis Dixon (young child #3) (A Celebration)
Lisa Smith (Freedom)
Mike Dale (Solace)