Contraluz Mezcal Launch Campaign with Maluma


Casa Lumbre tapped MATTE to develop the brand identity of their newest brand extension, Contraluz.

contraluz the first mezcal

In partnership with Casa Lumbre, MATTE Projects was briefed to develop the strategic brand positioning for Contraluz, the first 100% Cristalino Mezcal.

To bring the brand position to life, MATTE created the visual identity and brand book, and led the production of the hero campaign creative. Content captured at the shoot was leveraged across digital and sales collateral, as well as the new Contraluz site, designed & developed by MATTE.

contraluz mezcal maluma
Contraluz Mezcal Launch Campaign with Maluma


From product photography to editorial capture, the focus was on caught moments — snapshots full of texture and energy. Our photography sought to backlight the cinematic moments of the everyday and its possibilities. In doing so, we weren’t afraid of shadow (blocking), imperfections, noise, blurring, or motion. This is the tapestry of life in Contraluz.

Our imagery sought to give the viewer the sense that they are ‘in the room’ and partaking in the experience. “Unconventional” camera angles helped ensure the viewer’s sense of belonging. In other words, we were not limited to dead-on portraiture, with the subject staring at the barrel of the lens.

Contraluz Mezcal Launch Campaign with Maluma
maluma casa lumbre


Scenes and vignettes are each anchored to a moment, an occasion, a person, and a place—or a combination of each. Rather than unpacking the full breadth of a narrative—taking viewers from ‘point A’ to ‘point B’ in sequential order—we instead chose to focus exclusively on caught moments of levity, conviviality, and depth; moving effortlessly from scene to scene/moment to moment, ‘snippets’ from life in Contraluz. (or instead choosing to double-down and zoom-in on a ‘scene within a scene’.)

Much like our photography, we wanted to give viewers the sense that they too are in the room…Sitting at the table with our cast, lost in conversation. The camera, therefore, picked out angles that amplified this sense of belonging and participation.


Working with the Contraluz team, MATTE provided a robust strategic plan to execute a unique product placement for the first Cristalino mezcal. Inspired by the roots of Oaxaca, the team strived to make the editorial organic while incorporating brand values, keeping the talent, Maluma, top of mind.

MATTE collaborated with Maluma on the brand shoot for the script of the film, outfit styling, and POS select placement.


MATTE also directed branding and website design efforts which lined up with the launch of the still photography and video campaigns. These designs drew on the same inspiration and sought to bring the feeling to life across all mediums.

contraluz logo
contraluz mezcal banner
contraluz poster maluma




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