The Dance 2022: 9 Parties Of Aspirational Nightlife - Matte Projects


An underground pop up party with a focus on European house music utilizing restaurants and storefronts in  downtown Manhattan. The Dance is littered with models, celebrities, Tik-Tokers, and up and coming creatives- a meeting hub and party haven for Gen-Zers defining the trends of tomorrow.

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The Dance is a literal name for what it is and what is expected of guests as a counter culture to bottle service nightlife that promotes a sedentary, exclusitory culture; the most prized guests at The Dance are the ones most engaged.

The choice of DJs plays a huge role; kids directly tapped into the cultural scene of NYC in one way or another and are great DJs are always picked over those who are just the latter. Same goes with hosts. This encourages a hustle mentality culture, an “I don’t wait for others to tell me what to do” culture.

We want multi-displinary guests and collaborators over night life or corporate mules.

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The choice of non-traditional venue serves two purposes. The first is to create an original and extremely impressionable experience devoid of any laziness. We take people places they’ve never been before, places they probably would never go. It’s exciting. The second is supporting local businesses over gentrified nightlife conglomerates leftover from the boys club of the last 20 years in downtown Manhattan.

Their “spots” are not for lifers and locals and subversives, but for a certain demographic of gentrifers coming to the city not to spread ideas and be influenced by other ideas, but to mimic their suburban upbringing experience in a safe and culturally confined setting. The Dance is not for those people. The Dance is for kids actively seeking a perspective outside of their own, whether it’s challenging and uncomfortable or not.

The Dance 2022: 9 Parties Of Aspirational Nightlife - Matte Projects


Curated by: Georgia McCann (Channel 1)

Video by: Zebras And Leopards

Sponsored by: Red Bull