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MATTE: In your time at MATTE, is there a project that you will never forget?

One of the projects I have a fond memory of is the Aku World event at Art Basel. That project was great for many reasons, from the idea of bringing digital and physical art to a guest experience, the visuals, the fully digital merch section, it was definitely one of the more tech forward projects we created.

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Creative Direction, Experiential

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david orellana aku world
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MATTE: Was there ever a time when achieving that desired result was particularly challenging?

I think all projects are challenging in one way or another. The way I see it is the more uncomfortable you feel trying to get to an idea / goal, that's when you know you are growing and headed in the right path.

Creative Direction, Apparel Design suda clothing

SUDA Clothing
Creative Direction, Apparel Design

suda clothing creative direction
Moet x Virgil Abloh “Do Not Drop” Launch event

The Moet x Virgil Abloh “Do Not Drop” Launch event
Art Direction

 Moet x Virgil Abloh art direction david orellana

MATTE: What makes being part of this team so special?

The team makes or breaks a studio, and I think we’ve been really lucky to have such talented individuals that all strive for excellence in their respective fields. Learning and paying attention to our team really makes the work advance and it's inspiring to see.

Virgil Abloh “Do Not Drop” art direction
virgil Abloh Art Direction david orellana
Macallan M Collection Event miami

MATTE: Speaking of inspiration, are there any artists who you would consider an influence of yours?

That's a hard question to answer, I always find myself fluctuating and being influenced by various artists, people, experiences. It’s really about the connections that inspire me. If we’re talking purely aesthetic and visual, recently really love the work of Jason Ting and Nicholas Law.

david orellana Macallan M Collection Event creative direction

The Macallan M Collection Event at Miami Art Basel
Creative Direction

james blake macallan whiskey
Spotify Black History Is Now Art Direction, design

MATTE: What’s your favorite place in New York?

Recently I moved upstate, so I'm going to say the Hudson Valley is my new favorite place. I’ve found myself more calm, serene and inspired being closer to nature.

Spotify Black History david orellana

Spotify Black History Is Now
Art Directions, Design

Spotify Black History Is Now party
Spotify Black History party
stella artois solstice david orellana

MATTE: Is there anything else about your job you find energizing?

The type of opportunities that we get to work on and the team itself really make everything we do exciting on a daily basis.

david orellana art direction stella artois

Stella Solstice Rhythms
Art Directions, Design

stella artois art direction
stella solstice david orellana
david orellana

MATTE: How would you describe your work as a Creative Director?

I would describe the work as forward thinking, elevated and modern. It really depends on the type of client and ask, but we usually try to keep everything at a high level. I always want to be proud of what we create so it's always important to test the limits and push when possible.

YSL Beaute art Directions, Design

YSL Beaute Holiday Event
Art Directions, Design

YSL Beaute Holiday Event
YSL Beaute Holiday Event direction

MATTE: What do you envision for your future at MATTE?

Hopefully working on larger scale projects and accounts. Really interested in innovation and how we can use the tools that are being generated nowadays to our advantage. Mainly growing as a creative and a mentor is where my head is at.

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