MATTE produced a 7-part documentary series for ESPN following NBA skills trainer Chris Brickley as he works with four top 2019 Draft prospects. DECLARED gives fans an inside look at the lives of Jason Hayes, Kevin Porter Jr., Zylan Cheatham, and PJ Washington with the creative telling a more personal story – bringing audiences an artistic and intimate look into the persons behind the players. As each player prepares, stories of their past intersect with the present and their potential future, rapidly evolving before their eyes. DECLARED premiered on ESPN+ throughout the NBA Draft and the NBA Summer League, leading up to the 2019-20 NBA season.

Brickley revisits his past and reveals his dreams, all while building towards the future, namely the 2019 NBA Draft. The challenges and his inevitable growth are a reflection of the game at hand.

We grow up imitating the figures who break ground — from the shoes, the posters and Saturday morning highlights, we introduce the squad through memories of those who spurred them to pick up the game.

At the heart of each prospect’s meteoric rise, a dynamic family unit stands united by love. Kevin Porter Jr. and PJ Washington showcase their paths to stardom while Chris breaks down each player’s game, growth and pro-mindset.

With their amateur status behind them, Zylan Cheatham and Jaxson Hayes share their evolution as they stand on the precipice of the league looking in. While their journeys to the Draft are starkly different, they will similarly need to evolve at the next level, putting in the extra work at SUMMIT alongside Chris.

1M Followers. Protecting the Brand. Bag Secured. A pay day nears while the players contemplate their future and ability to set up their family. But questions around what’s real amidst all the hype cloud the horizon. Meanwhile, the media feeds their hot take on how to handle one’s inner-circle, endorsements, and the power that comes with the next step as the players prepare for their Pro-Days and the NBA Combine.

A moment only dreamt of — suddenly comes to fruition. Everyone tense with excitement prepares for Draft Day in NYC. Questions continue to swirl as picks are made, while the player’s families reflect on what that moment holds not just for them, but for a future they can finally hold on to.

Post-Draft, the squad takes the next leap to stardom in Las Vegas at Summer League. In between games, Brickley connects with new teammates Zylan and Jaxson on early expectations and goals for the revamped Pelicans roster. Meanwhile, Kevin Porter Jr. sidelined by injury starts a new journey amidst the off-season’s unexpected turns.

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