Closing out New York Fashion Week, MATTE is honored to be a part of model Teddy Quinlivan’s coming out as transgender.

“World Meet Teddy” debuted on September 13th and the film provides an intimate look into the pivotal years of Teddy’s transition — especially her youth, and her journey of having spent years publicly perceived as ‘cisgender’.

The film is heartfelt and made even more so with moving words from Teddy’s mother guiding the plot line and the video’s art-house-esque style. 

Director: Amber Grace Johnson
Starring: Teddy Quinlivan, Lisa Johnson
Producer: Hannah Strauss
DP: Charlie Owens
Editors: Billy Nawrocki, Erin Grant
Sound Operator: Thomas Wynn
Colorist: Carlos Florez
Sound Mixer: Miles Felix
Agency: Women Management
Production: MATTE FILMS