Somewhere Else Entirely

Welcome to SOMEWHERE ELSE ENTIRELY, a three day garden-themed skate experience in the heart of Hollywood celebrating the launch of Vans’ new shoe, The Lizzie.

Designed for and by professional skateboarder Lizzie Armanto, MATTE helped Vans celebrate a shoe for a new generation of skateboarders by providing creative direction, production, experiential build, talent and guest management.




Guests were confronted by a massive sinkhole-wall covered in overgrown grass and moss on Cahuega Boulevard. Neon hues and the smell of fresh soil colored a multi-sensory entrance experience as thousands journeyed through a tunnel made of soil, roots, and rocks.



Once inside, mounds of soil covered in wildflowers and foliage anchored distinct product encounters . Heaps of soil and greenery transformed a Hollywood parking lot into a ‘broken-ground’ garden, highlighting the path forged by Lizzie Armanto, Vans’ first female sponsored skateboarder.



A greenhouse is transformed into a stained glass church of durability. Cross-sections of The Lizzie display key elements of the shoe that highlight durable aspects as broken boards show how the Lizzie will outlast your board.


Guests approach a raised garden bed expecting to see flowers and instead encounter shoe lasts in a gradient of every size. Lasts jut out at viewers and are overtaken with foliage. Signage questions the history of skate shoe design and indicates why The Lizzie needed to be made.


The Lizzie sprouts out from a series of garden boxes against trellis backgrounds as signs educate guests on its sustainable and organic composition.




Somewhere Else Entirely is characterized by an open skate experience. A system of ramps, rails, and platforms by California Skateparks creates a multi-level experience for participants and viewers. Large flowers, mushrooms, and dots of foliage color the skate-scape. 



Influential personalities such as Actress/Skater Ajani Russell, Actress/Skater Dede Lovelace, and “Skater of the Century” Steve Cabballero attended the event, as well as the likes of Photographer Zhamak Fallad, Yasmeen Wilkerson and Charity Hardaway and many more.



DJ Sets from:

Bella Ferrada

Bae Bae


DJ Spit

Live Music Performances from: 


Peach Tree Rascals 





Matthew Rowean: Partner

Tristan Lacour: Group Account Director

Shreena Shah: Senior Client Director

Reid Ulrich: Creative Director

Nick Wilson: Designer

Rene Gibson: Experiential Renderer

Laetitia Sebban: Head of Experiential

Chloe Spalding: Lead Producer

Daniela Miles: Junior Producer

Irene Ashu: Producer