Tiffany & Co.

Summer of T

Celebrating the new collection of a NYC icon

For the launch of the Tiffany T collection, MATTE curated the Summer of T: a grandiloquent soireé atop a Rockefeller Center rooftop, where sunset met city light.

MATTE transformed the quintessential Manhattan rooftop into the Tiffany Penthouse—a chic, sophisticated, and awe-inspiring space where classic met contemporary, and imagination was realized.



Enter the Tiffany Penthouse

As soon as guests entered the penthouse, they were introduced to a new shade of Tiffany blue. A refreshing navy hue accented the space, including the T Bar—a display of jewelry pieces from the collection and artful flower arrangements. In the background, the campaign video featuring Hailey Bieber played on repeat. 



MATTE designed and constructed a tunnel to serve as the gateway to the garden party, connecting the interior space to the open-air experience. The series of grandiose archways glowed Tiffany blues, adding a contemporary look and feel to a classic setting.


Guests found themselves on the immaculate rooftop garden. They dined on custom catering from Olivier Cheng, danced to the sounds of DJ duo Coco and Breezy, and delighted in the splendor of a New York sunset.







Partner: Max Pollack

Creative Leads: Thuy Nguyen & Andre Brown

Designer: Nick Wilson

Experiential Renderer: Rene Gibson

Producer: Irene Ashu

Client Director: Lennon Chuang

Client manager: Karlyn Sykes