Food Is Not Enough Campaign

Think you’re getting enough from your food?

Think again.


This was the simple crux of a big idea from MATTE and longtime wellness partner Solaray. Communicate to viewers in a bold way: Food is Not Enough– the single orange with your breakfast pales in comparison to a daily serving of Solaray’s Vitamin C– you’d actually need to consume… 12.

Same goes for the amount of Magnesium in kale. 50 cups would be needed to match a daily serving of Solaray’s– well more than a single salad. Familiar with the benefits of Lion’s Mane mushrooms for brain activity? Try 5 pounds of it. Or, you can supplement a realistic serving with Solaray’s SharpMind supplements.


This clear message spurred a massive campaign project we created in 2022. Spanning photography and video materials, dozens of assets, and hundreds of hours, the Food is Not Enough ecosystem became a cornerstone of MATTE and Solaray’s deep relationship.

With photography by Steven Randazzo and Bette Blau, the ads can now be found across the country, plastering subway kiosks and cars, the sides of buses and bus stations, billboards, and the central 200 ft tower in New York’s Times Square. It’s a message resonating with consumers, who have smart diets but desire to supplement with what food still can’t deliver on its own.




The campaign even extended into the experiential realm, inspiring a 3-day activation in the heart of Union Square, boldly declaring across from the Union Square Greenmarket that shoppers dare not leave with an incomplete basket– supplements from Solaray are as key to their daily diet as their coveted wild-foraged ramps and farm-grown greens and vegetables.


The truck was a gleaming sight, on a 30ft footprint, engaging New Yorkers with games, activities, education, and eye candy: atop 8 scales were the notorious equivalencies themselves, for the naked eye to confront: the ominous, inedible quantity of food, or the seductive single capsule. 


Across the three days, thousands passed and stopped to understand the colorful visuals and beautifully puzzling staging of food. It was a positive way to connect with the consumer face to face on the street. It humanized the brand, and kicked off a bright summer in the city.



Looking to the future, MATTE and Solaray plan to evolve the Food is Not Enough experience and message, widening the world to other products and foods, and going even bigger to spread the word: don’t let your diet let you down!

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Campaign Credits

Managing Partner – Matt Rowean 
Head of Agency Operations – Jenifer Kocourek
Client Director – Zoe Weimersheimer
Client Supervisor – 
Creative Director – Derek Fearon
Art Director – Josie Florance
Producer – Kristen Bowman
Photographers – Steve Randazzo & Bete Blau
Photo Assistant – Chris Cook
Digital Tech – Justin Bourdeaux
DP – John Carl
1st AC / Phantom Tech – Brandon Norman
DIT – Ryan Carl
Gaffer – Chris Harth
Prop Stylist – Mark Chandler
Prop Assistant – Charlie Ward
Still Food Stylist – Laura Kinsey Dolph
Still Food Stylist Assistant – Debbie Wee
Video Food Stylist – Alyssa Satifry 
Video Food Stylist Assistant – Warren Ottey
Production Assistant – Chris Ramos
Production Assistant – Trevor Freeman
Production Assistant – Maya Bowman

Experiential Activation Credits

Managing Partner – Matt Rowean
Client Director – Shreena Shah
Client Supervisor – Zoe Weimersheimer
Jr. Client Manager – Kiara Fairbrother
Experiential Creative Director –  Josie Florance
Content Creative Director – Derek Fearon
Sr. Designer – Josie Florance
Experiential Designer – Andre Brown
Jr. Designer – CJ Robinson
Head of Experiential – Kate Roberts
Experiential Renderer – Rene Gibson
Senior Producer / Onsite Manager – Olivia Katz
Senior Producer – David Vollucci
Producer – Seana Bruff
Jr. Producer – Francesa Lasalla
Production Coordinator – Sarah Unger
Sound – Max Mellman
AC – Juan Puentes
Photographer/Retoucher – Sam Wallander
DP – John Carlo Serrano
Production Intern – Teddy Maithai
Production Intern – Victor Marcade
Production Intern – Stefano Lasalla
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