Richard Hennessy x Daniel Libeskind



MATTE produced a private, immersive experience at 3 World Trade Center to reveal the new Richard Hennessy Decanter designed by Daniel Libeskind. Guests had exclusive access to see the unveiling of a new and modern Richard Hennessy universe through a memorable “made of precision experience” with a panoramic view of the Manhattan skyline. The experience was comprised of five areas, taking guests through a journey on the history of Richard Hennessy.



Maison Hennessy’s destiny starts with its founder, Richard Hennessy. To honor his adventurous spirit and brilliant collaborations, MATTE blended likeminded talent in five harmonious experiential programs.

The journey began in the architects corner for a deep-dive into the architect behind the new decanter, Daniel Libeskind, as they enjoyed crafted cocktails. The guests then continued into the history room, where they were educated on the life of Richard Hennessy in 12 episodes, illustrated in frescos by Nicolas Ouchenir.



Guests were then guided through the rare gems tunnel, which displayed rare bottles of Hennessy 8, Richard Hennessy, and Édition Particulière No. 1 upon entering the dining room space. The room immersed the guests into the Richard Hennessy experience with 360 motion graphic images of brand content, portraying the cognac cellar.

Architect’s Corner

The architect’s corner was designed to pay tribute to the artist behind the decanter, Daniel Libeskind. MATTE chose 3 World Trade Center as the ideal location to reveal the decanter, as Daniel Libeskind is the mastermind behind the architecture of the building. The architect’s corner was designed to provide a comfortable yet chic, intimate setting where Daniel could tell his story and discuss his creative process displayed on the walls.

History Room

MATTE envisioned the history room to be a captivating, personal glimpse into a rich visual story behind Hennessy’s founder. 12 illustrated frescos by Nicolas Ouchenir flowed harmoniously giving an exclusive look into Richard Hennessy’s vision and how his legacy lives on through the future of the maison.

Rare Gems Tunnel

MATTE created the rare gems tunnel to highlight rare, iconic bottles from Hennessy’s premium collections. The rare gems were displayed in glass cases accompanied by light towers, with the Manhattan skyline as an inspiring backdrop. The tunnel ended with an archway that brought mystery and excitement before entering the dining room experience.

Dining Room

The dining room immersed the guests into Hennessy’s world, unveiling the decanter in an exclusive space built with full LED walls. The walls displayed 360 motion graphic elements of the decanter, creating an ambiance that transported the guests into the Hennessy cognac cellar. Here, they enjoyed their tasting in a warm, illuminated ambiance as they tasted the cognac with a sweet pairing of Alléno & Rivoire chocolate.



Naomi Watts, Joan Smalls , Thomas Doherty, & Henry Golding



Matthew Rowean – Partner

Michael Yu – Creative Director

Laetitia Sebban – Head of Experiential

Jenni Reinheart – Technical Director

Taylor Sollinger – Client Director

Francesca Lasalla – Production Coordinator

Daniela Miles – Production Coordinator

Rene Gibson – Experiential Renderer

Josie Florance – Jr. Art Director

Emily Hall – Designer

Nicole Elkins – Jr. Client Manager