A Party 3.0 with P00LS and $FEVER.


A Party 3.0 with P00LS and $FEVER’s tastefully programmed panel and partner abundant party shined an optimistic light on the characters and collaborations that will soon define WEB3.

The Brief

“A Party 3.0 with P00LS and Aluna”– a concoction of sorts with a desire to take things to where they once were, an orchestra of beautiful eccentricities.

The event was launched in Partnership with P00LS- the leading community-first, decentralized exchange for creator cryptocurrencies- and Aluna’s $FEVER token/renowned DJ prowess.


Coral came on as an NFT partner producing a gated livestream alongside the production team that powers Boiler Room.

LUKSO brought founder Fabian Vogelsteller and their community to support for a dedicated panel on universal profiles and the future of blockchain technologies.


To MATTE, NFT.NYC was a celebration of the expansive world of WEB3. We strived to engage our community with the power of technology by tapping trusted partners, P00LS and Aluna ($FEVER), and curating a thoughtful experience that empowers artists and creatives to create within the decentralized world.

One part panel, one part party. Openly averse to the traditional WEB3 experience in hopes of pushing WEB3 experiences in a new creator-first direction.

Touchpoints included:

Airdrop featuring NFTs and tokens

Multi-medium NFT gallery

PORTO digital gift shop

Multi-focus panel


A conversation with P00LS and Aluna’s team soon lead to the ideation of an event at NFT NYC that was unique to the over saturated programming of events that week.

With the market crashing leading up to the event, we were inspired to put the focus on the creator + those standing by their passion for WEB3 with cash grabs feeling like a thing of the past.



Originator – REO

We worked with REO on the creation of a POAP NFT and showcased his UGLY and Guided Meditation series.

“The inspiration behind the badge for me was about focusing on some of my work that is more abstract. I was trying to bring these orbs that I’ve been experimenting with to life. I love these projects where I am able to just have fun with a vision, so I messed between the line of something abstract and also something that looks like you can reach out and touch it. A mix between 2D and 3D, which is the process that I did here.”


Discover all the Originators at: https://originators.matteprojects.com