High Tales

“I was in LA when I got nominated for a Grammy. There was this afterparty where Prince was performing. My happy place is pullin’ out the weed. I roll up. I’m chillin’, watching Prince do his thing and Penny Marshall comes up, ‘Can I hit that?’ Lavern? From Lavern and Shirley? Hell Yeah! Marky Wahlberg outta no where, ‘Kiss what’s up? Can I hit that?’ Directors, actors coming up. That shows you the power of the Cannabis.” 




Everyone has a cannabis story to tell.

MATTE worked with MONOGRAM to create an ongoing digital content series that celebrates these unique stories — called “High Tales” — which looks to cultural legends to share their personal stories on topics ranging from their first cannabis experience, to their day-in-the-life, to how their relationships with cannabis have formed and evolved over time.

The High Tales series is an intimate trip down memory lane while showcasing how cannabis brings all kinds of people together that transcend music, art, and creativity — featuring legendary talent such as Jadakiss, N.O.R.E., Tinashe, and more.

Three of ten episodes have dropped to date, and the series is still ongoing. In the first month following the launch of the series in January 2021, MONOGRAM’s social following grew by 7K followers across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Our three-post launch cadence for Episode 1 and 2 on MONOGRAM’s Instagram outperformed by nearly 2x the account average, with Episode 1’s video clip accruing over 660K video views across MONOGRAM’s O&O properties since its launch.

MATTE was responsible for the execution of the concept, including production, art direction and editing. MONOGRAM provided all featured talent, with the concept itself developed by Jay-Z.

Monogram “High Tales” ft. Jadakiss

Director, Ariel Panigel
Executive Producer, River Myers
Producer, Lia Mitchell
Project Manager, Shreenah Shah
Project Coordinator, Steven Almonte
DP, Taylor McIntosh
Camera Operator, Chuk Owens
1st AC, Emmanuel Rodriguez
Sound Operator, Eric Romary
Gaffer, Rommel Genciana
Grip, Dylan Kaplowitz
Set PA, Alessandro Buzzetta
Photographer, Ray Spears


Monogram “High Tales” w. N.O.R.E

Executive Producer, River Myers
Production Manager, Camila Alvarez
Directors, Andre Rene + Ariel Panigel
DP, Carlos de Varona
Photographer, Alexa Merico


Monogram “High Tales” ft. Tinashe

Account Director, Meetra Javed
Creative Director, Patrick Dierker
Producer, Jeff Broadway
Production Coordinator, Erin Boyle
DP, Dominic Jones
“B” Cam Operator, Melinda James
Gaffer/Grip, Dannon Johnson
Key PA, Weston Massett
1st AC, Kalea Calloway
Sound Op, John Bowers
2nd AC, Michaela James
Photographer, Danielle Degrasse Alston