5 Years of Storytelling

Since 2016, MATTE has partnered with KITH to create and deliver storytelling through the lens of inspiring and relentless individuals, regardless of their craft. 


With KITH’s collaborations come no limit. MATTE has produced over twenty branded films for the iconic streetwear brand spanning brand partnerships through to original pieces. From a fast paced journey through Queens with BMW and timely collections with the New York Knicks, MATTE has been alongside the brand to create an array of films that include an exclusive documentary with Lebron James for Nike and live performances from the likes of legendary New York groups including Dipset and The Lox.


Featuring a mix of in-studio and on-the-ground shoots, MATTE worked with KITH founder Ronnie Fieg to constantly reimagine and deliver on the brand’s vision for storytelling. Whether a project rooted in the imagination of crafting a seemingly endless color palette of Asics shoes, or grounded films that personally relate to the KITH consumer, MATTE has developed a collaborative relationship with the brand that deepens both style and strategy.


In addition to collaborative branded pieces, MATTE worked with KITH to spotlight those who embody the brand’s close attention to detail and relentless work ethic. From informative pieces with MLK III and showcasing Masters of Craft for New Balance to energizing films for Team USA, every piece seeks to inspire audiences with a sense of achievability.


With every season comes a new collection, accompanied by the creation of original content that goes beyond the typical fashion calendar. Narratives continue to form, relationships deepen and unfold, and the storytelling continues to evolve, bringing new light.