for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

In celebration of the 35th anniversary of the federal holiday of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and in collaboration with the Martin Luther King Jr. Estate, MATTE spearheaded a film for Kith that featured a walking conversation with Martin Luther King III and Marlon, a Kith employee, in Atlanta — the birth place of Dr. King.

Kith employees were asked to write questions they had for Martin Luther King III, which were answered throughout the interview, also incorporating behind-the-scenes footage and Yolanda King’s speech from March for Our Lives. The film was aimed to connect the younger generation with the efforts of the previous generations, and to honor Dr. King’s life and legacy.

“Generational gaps have the potential to kill movements. Whether due to naive arrogance of the young or the elders’ reluctance to cede power, the result is the same. Intergenerational exchange of ideas is necessary. 


More ground can be covered together. As a director, I knew we had to model this concept while simultaneously offering a slightly fuller view of Rev. King’s legacy.


The methods may be new, but the work is not.”

-Ray Spears, Director

Max Pollack, Managing Partner
Ray Spears, Director
Ariel Panigel, Creative Director
River Myers, Executive Producer
Brigitte Bishop, Producer
Kevin Frederick, Director of Photography
Kurush Bakhtiari, Steadicam
Rebeckah Miller, Account Manager
Kathy Collins, Post Manager
Felix, Sound 
Federman, Colorist
Giancarlo B, Editor
Glenn Eduarado, Assistant Editor

Camera Crew
Chris Watkins, 1st AC
Brooke Fields, 2nd AC
Kyle Ware, Gaffer
Tracey Fobbs, Key Grip
Joseph Batiste, Sound Mixer
Marquis Barnes, A2
ATL Production
Magen Small, Production Manager
Tim Reis, Producer
Team Go, Local Production Company
Tiffany Webster, Medic/COVID Compliance Officer
John Allen, PA