Photographers and videographers were activated at key locations and important moments: arrival, photocall, and party, capturing each touchpoint in a variety of unique angles and vantage points.


Using the architecture of the new museum as our canvas, the space was entirely taken over in projections featuring prints from the latest Kenzo collection. The location and exhibition style of the party allowed for a connection between the brand and contemporary art to be established.


The projection room served a beautiful backdrop for DJs and a guest performance by Pusha T.

“It felt like a classic NYC party night, it was the right mix of people from all different fields who embody culture. It was definitely a fun night and I was happy I could be there to celebrate with Nigo I love that Nigo is still fresh and creating new things that he’s excited about, it is exciting for me as a friend and fan.”

– Pusha T

“I think of Kenzo-san as being the first person to really bring music into Paris fashion—the shows were like parties with music and musicians taking a central role,” he said. “My own approach has always been based on the understanding that fashion and music are fully linked: two sides of the same culture that fascinates me. That’s one of the big reasons I feel comfortable to follow in Kenzo-san’s footsteps at the House he created: I think our approach to the role of music is similar.”

– Nigo

“For us, it’s very important to celebrate this launch in different places,” We had this idea of doing [the party] in a museum because we like this link with the creativity of the brand”

-Slyvain Blanc, CEO of Kenzo





Partner: Max Pollack
Head of Experiential: Kate Roberts
Group Account Director: Tristan Lacour
Senior Client Director: Lennon Chuang
Client Manager: Antonia Singer
Creative Lead: Andre Brown
Creative Director: Jesse Simon (content)
Designer: Tori Arcuri, Jesse Simon
Experiential Renderer: Rene Gibson
Lead Producer: Francesca LaSalla (experiential), Seana Bruff (content)
Junior Producer: Sarah Unger