Howard Hughes: ’A’AALI’I

At Ward Village

For four years, MATTE has worked closely with The Howard Hughes Corporation to create content around their development properties across the US. In NYC, Howard Hughes is known for energizing the iconic Seaport District and Pier 17 into the new hotspot it has become– and their work in Honolulu carries a similar ethos.

Ward Village is a collection of gleaming waterfront skyscrapers heralding new design and record-breaking amenities gracing the Hawaiian Riviera, and MATTE was asked to compose the defining marketing film of their newest tower ‘A’ALI’I– named for flora indigenous to the area.

MATTE was inspired by exactly that for the film– the intrinsic beauty of daily life at Ward, both in natural and man-made forms. The film, aimed to be a Hawaiian continuation of a previous Howard Hughes collaboration, New York Gaze, is equal parts the sheen and glamour of Ward’s luxuries, and the effortless raw allure of nature in Oahu.

A nimble crew from MATTE traveled to Hawaii to capture the film’s carousel of locations in four days, working closely with Howard Hughes’s digital marketing leaders on set.

The fast-paced production was a thrilling experience, and we look forward to many more such collaborations with the Howard Hughes adult sex dolls team as they expand properties across the country and beyond.