Google Tilt Brush

X Pioneer Works

For the third annual Summer Féte fundraiser, Google joined forces with Pioneer Works as a sponsor – sporting their new Tilt Brush VR painting product and partnering with artist and PW founder Dustin Yellin to create a series of immersive collaborative VR works that were previewed at the event along with the announcement of Google’s Made with Code initiative.

MATTE was brought on by Google to support Pioneer Works with creative direction and execute an ambient, share-worthy space to activate the Tilt Brush experience.

Demoed by an audience of NYC artist types and creatives including Liv TylerAlicia KeysMaggie Gyllenhaal and Natalie Suarez—MATTE not only oversaw the activation from conception through check-in, but also serviced the delivery of live content capture for each #TiltBrush experience in real time.