Ahead of BLACK 2018 on March 31st, MATTE partnered with GAIKA—who will be performing—to create a short film titled GAIKA X BLACK, which speaks on the shared theme between the artist and the event: disruption.
“I feel my music is disrupting the world by not being like anyone else’s. I think I make work that’s singular. I’m hopefully showing people you don’t have to be like everyone else,” says GAIKA.
The introspective film, directed by Amber Grace Johnson in New York City, gives an earnest look into the mind of GAIKA, his vision, process and the truth that underscores his artistry.

“For me, music is like an exorcism.” – GAIKA

“People will say my music is dark or all of this. I’m not really a sad or dark guy. I just get out a lot of the things that fucked with me in my music. Everything I say is true.”