In support of Diesel’s FW18 Haute Couture line, MATTE was tapped to ideate, produce and execute a retail booth activation at Hypebeasts’s inaugural Hypefest in Brooklyn, NY.

Our creative direction presented the booth as an interactive art installation, encouraging guests to counter the hate they receive with unapologetic pride.

An oversized multimedia sculpture featured 40 LED panels, 12 computer monitors, illuminated CNC die-cut logos, video call user interface and LED messaging ticker.

A range of 13 pre-treated content takeovers was mixed live with user-generated content by our on-site VJ, giving users a unique experience upon repeat visits to the booth.

Additional activation elements included a hero product display, custom POS counter and 100 exclusive Gucci Mane poster takeaways.

Guests created personalized campaign content through a custom video call interface. 5-second videos were emailed to users and projected onto the media wall integrating their hate messaging with existing campaign content.
Programming included a Gucci Mane/Renzo Rosso appearance and customized apparel by Henri Bolt aka Trihumph.

“The more hate you wear, the less you care.”