This is the story of four prospects on a journey to the upper echelon as they declare their names for the NBA draft.

As they make the biggest leap of their young lives, speculation is at an all time high:

How will these young men adapt to becoming pros alongside a game that’s changing even more feverishly, at the same time?

Declared is a 7-part docu-series about four top 2019 NBA Draft prospects: Jason Hayes, Kevin Porter Jr., Zylan Cheatham, and PJ Washington.


As each player prepares with the widely regarded basketball trainer/ mentor, Chris Brickley in NYC — their past intersects with the present, and their potential future as it all evolves before their eyes.

Over the course of two weeks, our story catches four young men at a crossroads.

Fresh out of the NCAA tournament, we criss-cross from the eyes of each player in the midst of high-stakes career decisions, skills training, hoops debate, and personal transformation.

The stakes are familiar — a coming of age tale that spotlights each player living on the edge of a seminal moment, while finding sanctuary at home on the court.

There, they wrestle with expectation and possibility. Hope alongside fear. Promise verse failure.

Brickley pushes them with urgency; through a look at the details of the game within a game, they challenge each other both mentally and physically.

Before we are introduced to the rising stars about to make a name for themselves, we dive deep into the background of the man responsible for training some of the game’s best; who is Chris Brickley, and how does the game of basketball drive him?

We grow up imitating the figures who break ground — from the shoes, the posters and Saturday morning highlights, we introduce the four prospects through memories of those who spurred them to pick up the game.

The importance of coaching and a strong family unit is muddled through the AAU and amateur ranks. Chris and the players reflect on the support systems that they looked up to and relied on amidst the journey.

The lottery is put in play years in advance. After declaration, comes the moment where everyone wants a piece of you — and when the possibilities are endless. Can these prospects develop from rising stars to mature contributors and superstars? The question remains.

1M Followers. Twice that number of Likes. Endless fake news. Welcome to life as an overnight sensation. Brickley can relate, but what’s real and what’s stealing your shine against all the hype?

The day of reckoning is here. Where will each prospect land in the NBA Draft? And how will they acclimate with their new team? From draft day jitters to last minute moves, this is their warm welcome to The Association.

They made it to the league, but they haven’t even gotten started yet. Each prospect faces a different challenge coming into Summer League and Brickley gives them a piece of advice as they set off into their professional journeys.


Writer & Director: D.A. Yirgou
Executive Producers: Chris Brickley, Alex Koblenz, Max Pollack, Matthew Rowean, Brett Kincaid
Producer: Tyler Ben-Amotz
Featuring: Jaxson Hayes, Kevin Porter Jr., Zylan Cheatham, PJ Washington, Chris Brickley
DPs: Charles Owens, William DeSena
Creative Producer: Ariel Panigel
Art Director: Patrick Dierker
Creative Direction: Maxime Quoilin
Post Production Supervisor: Chandler Raub
Production Manager: Rosalyn Berry
Production Supervisor: Matthew Cherchio
Field Production Coordinator: Jonah Ben-Amotz
Editors: Nate Katz, Margarida Lucas, Mah Ferraz, Sarah Krusen, Chris Shimojima, Esteban Pedraza, Danilo Lima
Set Photographer: Joe Perri
Production Designer: Annie Simeone
Production: MATTE Films