After a successful partnership last season, MATTE was tapped again by Coach to capture their FW17 Show. Continuing his affinity with Americana, creative director Stuart Vever’s invited guests into his interpretation of badlands America: A dirt runway lined with dessert grass, littered with tumbleweeds.

To fully capture the magnitude of the show and the set, MATTE deployed wire cams which took beautiful panoramas and 360 views of the collection.

Models clad in clothes that embodied a praire-hip-hop vibe, walked out to the track of “1979” by the Smashing Pumpkins with a voice-over of Badlands spliced in. 

“Maybe the old codes aren’t relevant anymore”

— Stuart Vevers, Creative Director of Coach

Since his entry into the brand in 2013, Vevers has remained steadfast in redefining what it means to provide the world with American luxury- breaking boundaries of low-hi fashion and building a name for himself in the process.

“Vevers has been honing the brand’s new ready-to-wear signatures with trimmings that have a one-of-a-kind feel since he took the reigns, and this season he took that idea to a new and charming place.” — Vogue

MATTE also took a trip down to film the making of the replica watches handbags where each one is pieced together by the hands of gifted artisans. We also shot an editorial feature of the bags at the iconic Highline of New York City.
Director’s Cut – Edited by Maxime Quolilin