Content Direction

MATTE’s collaborations  with  Cartier brought out our signature capabilities from our roster of creative services: Live Social Media Posting, Cinematic Storytelling & Cultural Versatility

Over the course of three multi-day event initiatives, MATTE’s projects with Cartier spanned their strategic outreach to both millennial and legacy consumers of the brand. MATTE’s visual point of view, at the intersection of culture and luxury, paired with our quick-turnaround post-production infrastructure, made us the perfect partner to satisfy all of Cartier’s needs– versatility, immediacy, and aesthetic resonance.



Haute joaillerie gala

A two-night formal affair catering to the brand’s highest-profile clients

The Haute Joaillerie Gala saw the brand realize their finest experiential ambitions, erecting an expansive glass house on New York City’s Governor’s Island and calling in the likes of Stevie Nicks to perform.



The fairy-tale experience

For the exclusive guest list of clients required content to match, and MATTE responded with a dreamy storytelling style in a cinematic visual that captured the lighter-than-air feeling of gliding from ferry, to trolley, to gleaming dinner party in Cartier’s crystal palace on the water.



Matte also provided immersive, ambient stage graphics that bathed the room in monochrome tones with wavy textures inspired by the island setting.


The job was equal parts style and execution, as a behind-the-scenes war room made quick work of packaging the visuals into social media content that launched as the event carried on, blanketing Cartier’s global social media reach in just-captured, but well-polished, content from the event.


The fuller, storytelling-oriented visual reached platforms and press the following morning, in addition to a secondary short film about the building process of Cartier’s massive glass structure. This two-fold approach of “short-form” and “long form” deliverables allowed Cartier to reach all corners of their vast, diverse audience, with a robust roll-out of assets that stemmed from one event.


Santos De Cartier


Following the success of Haute Joaillerie, Cartier requested that MATTE bring the same treatment to the other side of their market– young, aspirational consumers in the millennial market.




Framing a high-profile event around a release of their new Santos watch, the “Cartier Party” in San Francisco aimed to make a big splash for the brand, energizing a younger market. Key components of that equation were the celebrity influencers in attendance at the event, as well as the live programming– an ideas symposium by day and a rave by night.

Tying it all together was the content provided by MATTE, once again using cinematic storytelling to bring visuals of the live experience to a global audience online– at times within the hour. The visual was informed strongly by the identity of the Santos watch, “bold and fearless.” Vast aerial coverage of San Francisco led to celebrity journeys through the event space, culminating with impressive live performance footage. The film and supplementary social media content captured the boldness and impact that the brand aimed to put forward, in contrast with the soft and refined quality of Haute Joaillerie.


Precious Garage

Culminating a year of event coverage for the brand was a three-city tour that revolved around the brand’s iconic Juste un Clou bracelet.


The journey began in New York, at the brand’s iconic Cartier Mansion on Fifth Avenue. MATTE first covered the assembly and unveiling of the “Garage,” a transformation of the multi-level flagship that welcomed an impressive guest list, somewhere between the high society of Haute Joaillerie and the youthful vigor of Santos.

This event would see MATTE’s content ingrained into the experience. Adding a unique content layer, MATTE built a lighting installation in the cab of ‘The Precious Truck’– the 18-wheeler big rig vessel that would herald the activation across the country. The installation provided an interactive backdrop for guests of honor Troye Sivan and Zoe Saldana, posing for dynamic video portrait sequences that engaged Cartier’s global digital audience as the event raged on, culminating in an intimate live performance by Lykke Li.


Nashville, Tennessee provided the second backdrop for the Garage, fusing the sleek and bold Cartier aesthetic with a raw Americana context. Intercepting the Truck en route, MATTE utilized aerial cinematography to document the traveling icon as it charged through the beautiful plains of the South. At the Nashville event, MATTE captured intimate backstage moments with local star Garrett Børns, before he took the main stage to deliver an electrifying performance for Music City.


For the campaign’s finale, MATTE found The Precious Truck weaving its way through the breathtaking landscape of the Pacific Northwest on its way to its last stop: Seattle, Washington. There, Santigold entertained revelers with a bold and fearless set of hits, and MATTE was there to again direct dynamic video portraiture, this time in the rear of The Precious Truck, revealing a brilliant lighting and product installation to conclude this memorable experience.



In addition to these tent-pole events, Cartier tapped MATTE on many occasions for one-off photography collaborations. Many preceded major award shows by a few hours– capturing the intimate moments of Academy Award and Golden Globe guests including Glenn Close, Amy Adams, and Timothée Chalamet.


These stills, shot in the hotel rooms and homes of guests as they prepared and donned Cartier jewelery, were also packaged by MATTE Post Production crews so the imagery hit social media feeds as the guests hit the red carpet.


Other photography executions were less event-specific, finding MATTE capturing editorial imagery for the brand featuring their VIPs. In one occasion, we photographed superstar Troye Sivan in Central Park in a breathtaking analog photo series.


The massive cross-country project tested each of the services Cartier had come to expect of MATTE.

The cinematic style of visuals that MATTE would extract from a live event set imbued the visual with a lasting resonance and impact. Extending the reach of the event experience to the brand’s sex dolls digital audience, the live-posted social media versions of the visuals made the event campaign a global experience. And the imagination to utilize the truck as a prop for editorial content with celebrity

guests took it all to the next level.

The visual work done for Cartier’s traveling Precious Garage initiative won three awards for MATTE Projects: the Platinum MUSE Creative Award for Branded Content, the Global Trend Video Award for Branded Content, and the Canopus Vega Digital Award.

MATTE looks back proudly on The Precious Garage– a true instance of creating a visual campaign out of an event capture opportunity.


Executive Producer and Executive Creative Director: Matthew Rowean
Director: Maxime Quoilin
Producers: Tyler Ben-Amotz, Hilary Papantonio
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Executive Producer and Executive Creative Director: Matthew Rowean
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