MedMen, one of the world’s largest cannabis companies, challenged us to help them launch their new product brand: statemade.


MATTE developed the brand strategy, brand identity, and packaging as well as vape pen design.


Following this, MedMen asked MATTE to create a campaign strategy and go-to-market plan for their Las Vegas launch.


MATTE designed the entire range or products’ packaging, from color to label system and color organization.

The elegant design of the pen features a ‘square to round’ shape that feels both ergonomic and functional.

The [ ] mark can be used as a brand asset that highlights recognizable landmarks or features of a given state where it is launched.

The typography work on the statemade logo was custom cut from scratch yet drew inspiration from the typography used in U.S. Interstate road signs.



Arcade Food Theatre partnered with MATTE to create a unique, all-day food and drink concept bringing together a diverse collection of innovative restaurant brands from across London.

With brand strategy and visual identity developed by MATTE, Arcade is a passionate, yet playful dive into a sensory-driven and versatile food market experience.


MATTE also ideated the logo, typography, colors, and overall aesthetic of both the innovative environment and its website. The entire library of colors, shapes and textures of this brand are a nod to the lively world of experiences and flavors one may find in this food theatre. With MATTE’s creative oversight, Arcade is carefully curated but never conventional.





While the logo itself is quite simple, the uniqueness of the brand comes from the square grid system it was designed on. Disrupting the grid by utilizing color blocking and tonal overlays, MATTE amplified the playful aspects of the brand’s identity.

The word “ARCADE” was designed in a more abstract way, maintaining a balance of thin lines and broad shapes.


Drawing on inspiration from food markets around the world, Arcade creates a new type of platform where the theatrical elements of destination dining are elevated through music and art in an immersive and design-driven environment. MATTE intended for Arcade to leave people feeling inspired, enticing an open-minded audience to return for consistently new experiences.



A review-based a editorial website with an e-commerce platform was UX and front-end designed by MATTE for 1AND1 — a newly launched collective of industry experts in the fitness space led by a team of influential trainers, athletes,
and nutritionists.




For this brand MATTE went for a mix between condensed type, modern display serifs, and a very neutral color palette with accents of red that all come together in a textural world of collages.

Currently still under construction, the sleek design and content-first UX approach is sure to compel interest in the brand and its expert opinion offerings.


MATTE crafted the brand identity, brand book, and custom website designs for Talent Hack – the first-ever employment platform specific to fitness professionals cindyforcongress. Launched with a mission to help talent source job openings, connect with fitness brands, network and grow.




Talent Hack was built as an interactive site for those already in the industry and a launching point for those hoping to break into it. MATTE’s branding spanned beyond digital and encompassed the startup’s full identity from texture and  color palettes to logo and merch.

Following the success of Talent Hack, founder Alexandra Bonetti has turned to MATTE for multiple creative services, including design and concepting for both a video toolkit and style guide. MATTE’s toolkit informs the style and look-and-feel of all Talent Hack content coming from numerous instructor and UGC platforms.


Working closely alongside international real estate development firm, Sackman Enterprises, MATTE conceptualized, creative directed and produced holistic branding for their debut luxury property in Austin, Texas — 70 Rainey.


To give life to the content, we created custom illustrations to support the entire aesthetic, ranging from furniture to fauna and local cuisine.  This helped to make a very elevated property be approachable at the same time.

MATTE also created all physical touch points from printed materials to signage and digital collateral.





For the past three years, MATTE has worked with James Beard award-winning Chef Tim Cushman and wife Nancy Cushman on brand identity and creative direction for existing and new restaurant concepts, including the renowned omakase O Ya, the Boston-based izakaya Hojoko, the Roof at Park South, and most recently, Covina.





An elegant new American restaurant with a distinct Mediterranean influence.


The New York City edition of the lavish Boston eatery presents the city’s most opulent and delicious omasake experience, breaking boundaries of traditional Japanese cuisine with high concept dishes.

MATTE art directed and produced photography focusing on the mood and luxury of O YA as the backdrop of the restaurant’s signature omakase menu.

We facilitated a successful launch into one of the most competitive luxury restaurant landscapes in the world through elevation of brand positioning via digital presence and visionary imagery.