Futurecraft Loop


It’s April 2019 and adidas Global is unveiling the world’s first-ever recyclable performance running shoe.

MATTE was briefed to conceive & produce adidas’ largest initiative of the year. From securing the venue to defining the creative principles to managing technical direction and guests, we worked hand in hand with the adidas Global team to make the innovative launch impactful.



Zero WasteNo Plastic

The first-gen FUTURECRAFT.LOOP shoe was rolled out as part of a global beta program with 200 leading Creators from across the world.

The launch also featured three keynote speakers:





Adidas Executive Board Member


Global Creative Director

Visuals Led By Projection

As the FUTURECRAFT.LOOP product itself is focused on reducing wastefulness, it was of utmost importance to create an event with minimal fabrication, relying instead on projection and suspended projection surfaces to define zones within the venue.

Two main areas were created, both tying in conceptually to the product where our linear product economy must lead to a circular one.


Guests first entered the venue through a linear tunnel surrounded by nine large projection surfaces, on all sides as well as a roof. This entry point set the scene for the current issue on plastic waste and purpose for creating the FUTURECRAFT.LOOP.

Custom audio and voice overs, playing alongside large-scale, high intensity animated graphics and typography created an impressive venue entrance.

Situated at the end of the projection tunnel was a small doorway with smoke effects hiding the main circular projection area beyond.

The CircleThe Circle

200 guests then entered a circular space with three layers of 360 degree suspended projection surfaces creating a layering of visuals. Custom audio was designed and synced to the video.

While guests waited for the countdown to end before speakers came on-stage, ambient graphics, messaging, branding and video content set the scene for what was to come.


200 pairs of shoes suspended in the ceiling were then lowered to the ground in a surprise moment.

Guests were then invited to meet and talk with Adidas designers who worked on the product and explore physical materials and prototype displays.

Multiple stations around the space contained a variety of physical TPU materials to explore, showcasing different stages of the shoes’ production process. Video content was also created as a backdrop for these stations to provide deeper information.