8 Moncler Palm Angels

Launch Event

To launch 8 Moncler Palm Angels, the first collection of Moncler Genius’ second season, the brand hosted an underground party in the concrete shell of a movie theatre inside London’s newly-developed Hawley Wharf

MATTE’s creative direction and production oversight mirrored Palm Angels designer Franceso Ragazzi’s approach for the collaboration, melding Moncler’s polished veneer with Palm Angels’ provocative grit in a raw space.

Graffiti and exposed scaffolding met elevated materials, providing the backdrop for an uproarious performance by British-French rapper Octavian.

The collection’s global launch continued with in-store takeovers in New York and Milan. 

MATTE brought a creative lens aimed at Moncler’s evolving audience, fusing streetwear and luxury products with a rebellious attitude.